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  • facilitating access to appropriate instructional materials, especially books, multi-media, audio-visuals & laboratory equipment, and computers and accessories.
  • assisting with the (re)construction of self-managed organizational structures that could initiate programs and activities(political, economic, social, global) to maximize and prolong educational access and opportunities.​

  • facilitating the empowerment of poor communities or social group and individuals who experience deficient access to education and recreation to enable them overcome the social and economic bases of their disadvantaged situations.

  • organizing, funding, and supporting activities, programs, initiatives that foster access to, participation, enjoyment, and appreciation of indoor and outdoor recreation for youths, the disabled, elderly, and the poor in both rural and urban settings and any group who otherwise suffers disadvantage of access to them

The difference between the quality of education enjoyed by the rural poor and the urban rich in the same country can be staggering. Spread Corporation wants to help bridge the gap.

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