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Spread Corporation organizes an annual Book Reading Contest (Read-a-thon) for Elementary and High Schools across West Africa:

  1. The point is to get pupils to read as many books as possible; fill out report cards that they collect when borrowing the books; and receive different categories of prizes at different stages of the reading contest. This will be fun exercise for children. It is designed to provide recreation, to kindle or rekindle the joy of reading and to have the effect of opening up vistas and imaginative horizons of school children.  Reading is an effective tool to develop broad minded cosmopolitanism, so necessary in a violence prone globalizing world.

  2. Spread Corporation will provide the books to read through the assistance of supporting libraries and other interested bodies.

  3. This program begins Dec. 1 and runs through April. Thousands of prizes will be won as the reading contest progresses, but final prize giving ceremonies and sessions would hold at the end of the Read-a-thon.

  4. School principals are encourage to have their pupils and students enroll for this contest. Schools with the most winning pupils will also receive prizes and classes with the most and the best readers will win prizes for themselves and for their teachers.

Application Forms:              (1) School    (2)Student 

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